Tournament & Corporate Gifts

Golf Tournaments


Cutlery Gifts has experience, and a team ready to help you organize your next golf tournament. Golf gifts can be personalized with the member guest name and your golf course logo. Turn around times and deadlines can be met with exceptional service. Packaging is high quality yet prices are well within your budget, and a range of master gifts are also available. Cutlery Gifts has facilitated some major golfing events, and have many testimonials and referrals that show your choice in gift will bring smiles and appreciation to everyone involved in the tournament.

Be sure to contact us and we can deliver a sample for your next board meeting.



Annually many businesses send corporate gifts to customers and staff. Cutlery Gifts can be unique. Product placement is key to a highly successful business, and your logo can be strategically placed on the blade, with a message or other unique feature. Boxed for high-end customers, the wooden presentation box makes the moment of receiving this gift even more special. The experience of receiving is not only amazing but will be remembered. The gift has a lifetime warranty and will remain in the recipient’s food preparation area for many years, with your businesses logo on the blade.

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